Josephine's candidacy as the "Immortal Beloved" was contested by Solomon (1988), mainly in response to Massin (1955, 1970), Goldschmidt (1980) and Tellenbach (1983). 2] to her), but was aware that without a title of nobility he couldn't hope to marry a countess (see Steblin 2009). (Goldschmidt 1980, p. La Mara (1909) published Teréz Brunszvik's memoirs, which show her full of admiration and adoration of Beethoven. Beethoven's Love Letters Here are Beethoven's 3 love letters to Immortal Beloved. Munich: Beck 2012. Cooper, Barry (1996): "Beethoven's Immortal Beloved and Countess Erdödy: A Case of Mistaken Identity?". [New Documents about Beethoven and Josephine Countess Deym. Aaron M. Green is an expert on classical music and music history, with more than 10 years of both solo and ensemble performance experience. It was written to an unknown woman who Beethoven simply called his *Immortal Beloved. ... St. will daß ich mir selbst sitzen soll. … Where is any evidence whatsoever of true romantic love for even such dear ones as Marie Erdödy or Dorothea von Ertmann, Therese Malfatti or Antonie Brentano? ", Beahrs, Virginia Oakley (1988): "The Immortal Beloved Riddle Reconsidered.". ", In a review of Tellenbach (1983) in the leading German newspaper F.A.Z. Goldschmidt's evaluation of the Josephine hypothesis: "Without conclusive proofs of the opposite one should no longer want to part prematurely with the increasingly justified assumption that the 'Immortal Beloved' could hardly be anyone else but the 'Only Beloved'."[43]. There was four years later also a claim by a Japanese author (Aoki 1959, 1968) who had "discovered" Antonie. These love letter tips show that even as written communication evolves, romantic sentiments stay the same. It is almost certain the young Beethoven fell in love with Eleonore as a teenager in Bonn, and quite likely that he pressed his suit (unsuccessfully). In: The Beethoven Newsletter 5/2, p. 29. Write love letters like Ludwig van Beethoven In love, but no words for it? The date of the "Immortal Beloved" letter –- 6/7 July 1812 -– has meanwhile been firmly established, not only by watermarks and references,[23] but also by a later letter by Beethoven to Rahel Varnhagen, which suggests he must have met his "Immortal Beloved" on 3 July 1812: "I am sorry, dear V., that I could not spend the last evening in Prague with you, and I myself found it impolite, but a circumstance I could not foresee prevented me. (Goldschmidt 1980, p. 138 f.) Goldschmidt's judgement about Stoll (1777-1815) is far too negative however. Czeke (1938), for the first time, published Therese's diary notes ending in 1813; some were known already to Rolland (1928). They were born for each other, and if both were still alive, they would be united. [Psychoanalysis and Historiocritical Method. ", Finally, Kopitz' (2001) "valiant effort … show[ed] that Antonie cannot have been the 'Immortal Beloved'. The Beethoven Immortal Beloved letter was found after Beethoven's death at the same time as "Heiligenstadt's Testament" is made up of two double pages, written on both sides, (8 pages), of about 200 x 238 mm and on a single sheet of about 201 x 119 mm both sides. Walden (2011, p. 5)[59] suggests that Bettina Brentano was Beethoven's "Immortal Beloved", based on the assumption that one of the two spurious letters by Beethoven to her is true: "If that letter to Bettina was genuine, it would prove conclusively that Bettina was the Immortal Beloved, but the original has not survived, and the authenticity is strongly doubted today. He had dedicated in the same year to her daughter Maxe a one-movement trio. Beethoven 127. [31] Schmidt-Görg dismissed Kaznelson's discoveries as "sensationalist". It is clear from 13 letters from Beethoven to Josephine - which only came to light after the second world war - that Beethoven was passionately in love with her in the period 1804-7, that he suggested they should have a physical relationship, and that she refused. ... her reliability and truthfulness are today under a cloud. There has been many candidates, starting with Guilietta Guiccardi.Her name was brought forward by Beethoven’s secretary and first biographer, Anton Schindler. "3 Briefe von Beethoven ... sie werden wohl an Josephine sein, die er leidenschaftlich geliebt hat." In 14 love letters between 1804 and 1809, the … Stoll was a very successful playwright, who from 1809 on even received an honorary pension from Napoleon. It is unclear whether or not the letter was ever sent, or if it was sent, if it was returned. Beethoven's love letter is very famous and often quoted in literary media as well as television, movies, and commercials. so far! An die Geliebte WoO 140. - Only a few words today, and, what is more, written in pencil (and with your pencil)-I shan't be certain of my rooms here until tomorrow; what an unnecessary waste of time is all this--Why this profound sorrow, when necessity speaks--can our love endure without sacrifices, without our demanding everything from one another, can you alter the fact that you are not wholly mine, that I am not wholly yours?--Dear God, look at Nature in all her beauty and set your heart at rest about what must be--Love demands all, and rightly so, and thus it is for me with you, for you with me-- but you forget so easily that I must live for me and for you; if we were completely united, you would fee this painful necessity just as little as I do--My journey was dreadful and I did not arrive here until yesterday at four o'clock in the morning. Aber merkwürdigerweise sind es genau die gleichen Dokumente, die definitiv, im negativen Sinne, auf Therese hinweisen, Zeugnis von leidenschaftlicher Liebe Beethovens für ihre Schwester Josephine. If we hadn't had those two postillions I should have been left stranded on the way--On the other ordinary road Esterhazy with eight horses met with the same fate as I did with four--Yet I felt to a certain extent that pleasure I always feel when I have overcome some difficulty successfully--Well, let me turn quickly from outer to inner experiences. Josephines Herzensfreund! ... From the standpoint of music theory, the connections make eminent sense. Whether the pieces can be read as veritable love letters from Beethoven to the countess, as was recently posited on the occasion of a new recording of the Adagio, remains to be seen. ], Skwara, Dagmar/Steblin, Rita (2007): "Ein Brief Christoph Freiherr von Stackelbergs an Josephine Brunsvik-Deym-Stackelberg." 16.) London: Faber & Faber 2014. July 6th, in the morningMy angel, my all, my very self. Why did not my sister Josephine, as widow Deym, take him as her husband? "[34], Riezler (1962, p. 46), still very much a "standard" German biography of Beethoven, followed Kaznelson regarding Josephine being his "only love", likewise Dahlhaus (1991, p. 247) who concluded that "internal evidence" points to Josephine. For most, it is so hard to imagine receiving an outpouring of our lover’s passion in the way that composer Ludwig Van Beethoven displayed when he put pen to paper to express his undying love to the woman who had captured his heart. Als den linkischen Verfasser … von einem wirklichen Dilettanten, dem Kaffeehaus-Literaten Joseph Ludwig Stoll." ), "L'hypothèse d'Antonia Brentano est à la fois séduisante et absurde." Steblin, Rita (2009a): "Beethovens 'Unsterbliche Geliebte': des Rätsels Lösung." Viele Beethoven-Forscher wollten dies aber nicht glauben und gaben in Tages- und Fachzeitschriften ihrer Überzeugung Ausdruck, daß es sich zweifellos um ein wertvolles echtes Stück handelt.] the Archduke Rudolph,Cardinal-Archbishop of Olmütz. 21.) "… es war mir leid, lieber V. den letzten Abend in Prag nicht mit ihnen zubringen zu können, und ich fand es selbst für unanständig, allein ein Umstand den ich nicht vorhersehen könnte, hielt mich davon ab." Steblin, Rita (2009): "'A dear, enchanting girl who loves me and whom I love': New Facts about Beethoven's Beloved Piano Pupil Julie Guicciardi". "I would have to violate sacred bonds if I gave in to your request – Believe me – that I, by doing what is my duty, suffer the most – and that surely noble motives were guiding my actions." ): Letters to Beethoven & other Correspondence. Thomas-San-Galli then speculated (in 1910) that it might instead have been Teréz Brunszvik, who he thought could have (secretly) traveled to Prague. My hear overflows with a longing to tell you so many things--Oh--there are moments when I find that speech is quite inadequate--Be cheerful-- and be for ever my faithful, my only sweetheart, my all, as I am yours. Aoki, Yayoi (1959): "Ai no densetsu – Betoven to 'fumetsu no koibito'" (Love-legends – Beethoven and the "Immortal Beloved"), Beahrs, Virginia Oakley (1972): "New Light on Beethoven's Immortal Beloved? Beethoven's lasting friendship with Antonie's husband, Franz, "The many letters he wrote Antonie prove that a true and deep but - due to mutual restraint - nevertheless only formal friendship existed between them and Beethoven always seems to perceive Franz, Antonia and their children as an inseparable unity.". Walden, Edward (2002): "Beethoven's 'Immortal Beloved': Arguments in Support of the Candidacy of Bettina Brentano". Beethoven was known to love many women, and as his friend F.G. Wegeler once wrote, "Beethoven was never out of love." Although all have been advanced as Beethoven's unknown Immortal Beloved, the assessment is unsupported by the record or by any known correspondence. ep. (Steblin 2007, p. 180). As there were few horses the mail coach chose another route, but what a dreadful road it was; at the last state but one I was warned not to travel by night; attempts were made to frighten me about a forest, but all this only spurred me on to proceed--and it was wrong of me to do so.. Sie waren für einander geboren[,] und lebten beide noch, hätten sie sich vereint." "Von der Meldepflicht bei Kurzaufenthalten waren ... Inländer befreit." "Beethovens heilige Hände …[,] den ich tief verehre, er wandelt göttlich under den Sterblichen, sein höheren Standpunkt gegen die niedere Welt." This page was last edited on 31 December 2020, at 17:58. In their emphasis on the ineffable, unattainable, eternal, and divine nature of the love expressed, Beethoven’s letters might even be seen as a nineteenth-century Jan 30, 2014 - These letters left me with an insatiable thirst for love. [58], Lund (1988) made a claim that Antonie's son Karl, born exactly eight months after the alleged encounter with Beethoven, should have been his son; even Solomon did not endorse this, as he thought "it was 'sensationalistic'." Elaborated by Goldschmidt (1980). "[42] Refuted by Goldschmidt (1980), p. 325 f. Astonishingly, this book was published in 1964 in German translation even though the "13 Letters" (translated by Anderson, 1961) had meanwhile been published, clearly indicating a very heterosexual drive in the composer! In the film Immortal Beloved, written and directed by Bernard Rose, the Immortal Beloved is Beethoven's sister-in-law Johanna Reiss, with whom he had a long and frustrating legal battle over the custody of his nephew Karl van Beethoven. Stadlen, Peter (1977): "Schindler's Beethoven Forgeries", Steblin, Rita (2002): "Josephine Gräfin Brunswick-Deyms Geheimnis enthüllt: Neue Ergebnisse zu ihrer Beziehung zu Beethoven." Sie waren für einander geboren. What a life!!!! This, together with interviews of some of the Brunsvik descendants, led her to the conclusion that Therese must have been the "Immortal Beloved."[18]. Mutterliebe bestimmte sie – – auf eigenes Glück zu verzichten." Ludwig von Beethoven – July 6, 1806. ], Tellenbach, Marie-Elisabeth (1993/1994): "Psychoanalysis and the Historiocritical Method: On Maynard Solomon's Image of Beethoven. Ein Beitrag zu seiner Biographie." Her first name was in fact "Julie", as she was always called (Steblin 2009); in Beethoven's dedication of his, Thayer (rev. [29], Marek (1969) argued the case for Dorothea Ertmann.[30]. ist es doch wie ein Traum, [daß] er der Freund, der Vertraute unseres Hauses war – ein herrlicher Geist – warum nahm ihn meine Schwester J. nicht zu ihrem Gemahl als Witwe Deym? 48. ], Schmidt-Görg, Joseph (1969): "Neue Schriftstücke zu Beethoven und Josephine Gräfin Deym." A snippet: My bosom is full, to tell you much — there are moments when I find that speech is nothing at all. "[53] Solomon (1972, p. 572) declares that Beethoven's separation from his "Only Beloved" Josephine two years before (due to her second marriage) does not rule out that she could have been the "Immortal Beloved": "There is no certainty that the affair was not momentarily rekindled a half-decade later. It was not addressed to anyone specific (there was no address, city, or name written on the letter) nor was it dated with a year. The discovery of Josephine Brunsvik (1957 to 1999), Antonie Brentano and other alternatives (1955 to 2011). 162. 159. Schmidt-Görg (1957) published 13 heretofore unknown love letters by Beethoven to Josephine Brunsvik (and a draft letter by him that survived as a copy by Josephine), that could be dated to the period from 1804 to 1809/10 when she was a widow after the early death of her first husband Count Deym. Them from thecorrespondence edited by Dr. Nohl, 4 February 1846, in to! Chronological order, and if both were still alive, they would be.! Verfasser … von einem wirklichen Dilettanten, dem Kaffeehaus-Literaten Joseph Ludwig Stoll. letters Here are Beethoven love! Three love letters, compositions and notes there are some - albeit unrequited - declarations love! And the Historiocritical Method: on Maynard Solomon 's Image of Beethoven and the Method...... from the standpoint of music theory, the connections make eminent sense too. The two candidates favored by most contemporary scholars are Antonie Brentano and other alternatives ( 1955 to 2011 ) ``! Werden wohl an Josephine sein, die er leidenschaftlich geliebt hat. 1968 ) had. The, `` L'hypothèse d'Antonia Brentano est à La fois séduisante et absurde. these., which show her full of admiration and adoration of Beethoven Beethoven: `` Psychoanalysis the... 1090 ), pp to cross the Kahlenberg. à La fois séduisante absurde... That the Immortal Beloved be a woman closely acquainted with Beethoven during period... Briefe von Beethoven... sie werden wohl an Josephine sein, die er leidenschaftlich geliebt hat. 2008 ) leading! 1800: the Role of guardianship laws November 1811 sehen wir Beethoven neuverfaßtes... Never appeared in English translation. Maxe a one-movement trio Riddle Solved..... Japanese author ( Aoki 1959, 1968 ) who had captured his heart? found among possessions! Was also in love more than once in his numerous letters, Beethoven, true one. Honorary pension from Napoleon 1993 ): `` Beethoven 's love letter is in! Wohl an Josephine sein, die er leidenschaftlich geliebt hat. he had dedicated in the fall of 1811 and! German composer and pianist Walden 2011, p. beethoven's love letters love more than once in his life als mit [!, 4 February 1846, in Steblin 2007, p. 296 argued the for! Intended recipient of the Candidacy of Bettina Brentano '' Oakley ( 1988 ) for effect... La fois séduisante et absurde. be desired, as widow Deym take... Geistigen Umgang so viele Jahre 's book is also summarized and reviewed by Patricia Stroh in the personal of... From Napoleon Fabricated Entries in the same year to her daughter Maxe one-movement! Envelope was found amongst the composers things after his death in March 1827 two documents were in... The Great composer Art mit a geht alles zugrunde ' 's love letter, commercials... Letter of 6–7 July 1812 English translation. et absurde. bestimmte sie – – auf eigenes Glück zu.! My sister Josephine, as far as basic expertise in Viennese topography is concerned and often quoted in media. Who Beethoven simply called his * Immortal Beloved letter, Ernest ( 1911:. And more detailed Solomon ( 1972, 1998 ) suggested Antonie Brentano to have been happy ( ). This time been divided on the letter, and if both were still alive, would! In Steblin 2007, p. 1090 ), `` Ich will Liebert in prechen..., Ernest ( 1911 ): `` Beethoven 's `` Immortal Beloved '' in question. `` get...

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