The purpose of entry can only be accompanying the employer to the Mainland for tourism and shopping. There are five steps for your application to go through. Foreign employees in line with the relevant regulations concerning the employment of foreigners in China; 2. In China, the term “work visa” is often used by expats to describe the paperwork needed to remain in China longer term to enable you to have a job and live. Considering the work permit renewal application can be conducted remotely, it is important for the companies to remind their foreign employees (including those who are currently outside of China) to extend their work permits before they are But in summer and winter vacations international students can work more than 12 hours if they have permission. 2.Documents Required China Work visa (Z Visa) is issued to those who have obtained employment permit and intend to work in China. Can get one-year work permit and residence permit. The country offers numerous job opportunities for those who want to work here. The new system grades foreigners by several factors, such as academic background, professional experience and Chinese proficiency. Foreigners who are exempted from work permit requirement due to special circumstances will need to provide other certifications. China Work Visa. By Wan Li Seyfarth Synopsis: A new Work Permit Policy (Policy) is being implemented in China. China: Work Permit Renewal Filing Rule to be Strictly Enforced Starting February 28, 2018, authorities will enforce the requirement for Work Permit renewal applications to be filed at least 30 days prior to expiry of the existing Work Permit. A Chinese work permit is required in order to apply for a Chinese work visa (also known as the Z category visa). International students can work for 12 hours per week in China during study period. This category includes: 1. STEP 6: Collecting your new work permit. Not only you, all the ESL teachers feel confused about the document legalization process! The applicant shall hold a Hong Kong work permit valid for a minimum of two months, and return to Hong Kong before expiration of the Hong Kong work permit. Overseas interns hired by ‘well-known companies’ can apply for a one-year internship visa in China. Since 2017, China rolled out a new regulation that combined the old Alien Employment Permit and the Old Foreign Expert Certificate into one and single work permit: the Foreigner’s Work Permit. Learn all about the application for a work permit in China, how to get a Z Visa, legalize documents and move to the PRC,ShortcutZ-China specializes in document authentication and legalization for work permit applications in the People’s Republic of China, namely university diplomas, criminal background checks and teaching certificates. The work permit application must be sponsored by a locally registered company in China. In practice, this means that those who hope to work in China must first obtain a work permit, after which they can move onto the final stage of applying for and obtaining their work … After you come to China with a valid Z visa, your employer will apply for the work permit card, and it’s free. For those who wish to work in China and have received an offer of employment, they will require a work permit or employment license from the Chinese government. China Work Permit - Class A Definition: Class A (if you or your employer meet any of condition below):. Work & residence permit for staff of a WFOE or Rep. Office in China: Since April 1, 2017, for applicants in SHANGHAI: 1. 1.Document is submitted online. A1 - Selected by China talent import plan; A2 - Foreign Employee personally won Internationally recognized rewards The said work permit will be administered by the National Foreign Experts Bureau. China has a booming economy and has many multinational companies. work permit manufacturer/supplier, China work permit manufacturer & factory list, find qualified Chinese work permit manufacturers, suppliers, factories, exporters & wholesalers quickly on Made-in-China… Foreigners are confused when they face tons of information online, whether China's Z visa is China work visa? The employee will go for a medical examination at an authorised hospital either inside or outside of China. It is the beginning of your application, it needs to fill in personal information online and upload scanned documents. A Chinese government issued working permit or employment license is required. Within 15 days of the employee entering China, the employee and Shield GEO submit an application at the local Labor & Social Security Bureau to apply for the Employment / Work Permit (3 days). In September 2016, China’s State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs (SAFEA) announced new policies intended to streamline the work permit application process for foreigners. 3. Upon receiving your new work permit, you will immediately realise it’s actually the same one. The Policy had been initially implemented, from October 2016 to March 2017, through a pilot program in a number of regions including Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, and Shenzhen. The idea is to streamline the process for top-level talent and to identify, and possibly bar, low-level applicants from entering China to work. Chinese Work Permit & Z Visa China. Only when it reaches the final approval will your Chinese work permit card be printed. When your new work permit is ready for collection, you don’t even have to pick it up yourself. The residence permit expires on June 1, 2018 and he found a job on May 1, 2018. That task will once again befall the HR person, the unsung heroes of hiring foreigners in China. Not matter which country you go, as long as you are applying for the work visa as a TEFL teacher, documents' legalization is unavoidable. You are not eligible to apply for a Z visa until you have secured your work permit. The validity of the Work Permit is normally for one year and you will need to apply to renew it 30 days prior to the date of expiration. Foreigners engaged in some temporary or short-term (no longer than 90 days) posts; 3. Foreign citizens who enter China may work within Chinese territory only after obtaining the work permit, as well as the residence permit for foreigners. As such, the pdf file of the work permit cannot be used to apply for the work permit card. What is Chinese Work Permit Points Scoring System? A medical examination is required. Once the application is lodged, the work permit card is issued within 10 days. But that work permit is issued in the form of a pdf file. 2. If you intend to live and work in China for any time, you’ll almost certainly need a work visa to do so legally. Documents Legalization for China Work visa/ Work Permit Application - Ultimate Guide. A residence permit refers to a person’s visa status. He is no longer working and is living on his valid residence permit in China. Note that foreign employees in China can only work in the designated company and location described in the application for their Work Visa and Residence Permit and are not allowed to do part-time work elsewhere during the duration of their employment and stay in China. Here we break down the process for obtaining a work visa and residence permit in China in 2017. Although a qualified foreigner can apply for a residence permit for five years, it is not clear whether a work permit will also be granted. Updated: Feb 12. Internship in China. Z visa is usually issued for one entry with duration of stay of 000 (means to be determined). Before starting the test, we hope you fully understand Chinese work permit scoring system. A work visa is required for foreigners who want to get salary in China. Non-criminal record has to be authenticated by Chinese embassy. This is a short guide to notarizing and authenticating documents for the purposes of the work 'Z' visa application, in order to work legally in China. If want to work legally in China, foreigner should get Z visa, residence permit or work visa? While you are waiting for your Work Permit and within the validity of your Z-visa, you are permitted to work in China. A sample of the Work Permit is presented below: V. Apply for Residence Permit Looking for more useful tips for your life in China? 5 steps to get Chinese work permit! Nationwide implementation of the Policy commenced on April 1, 2017. Read more about it. The New System. Once the Employment / Work Permit is approved, and within 30 days after entering China, the employee will need to apply for the Residence Permit. The residence permit in China looks just like a visa. In order to better track foreign workers in the country, since 2017 the Chinese government has operated a work permit system. But the actual document you end up with is a residence permit which is a sticker in your passport and enables you to freely leave and enter China for up to a year before it is renewed. There are a very small number of countries (Singapore, Brunei and Japan at the moment) whose citizens are able to come to China for short periods visa-free, and may be entitled to work without a special permit. Applying for a new work permit card or updating your details is a fairly straightforward process as long as you are aware of the different steps and have a knowledgeable HR manager to assist you. Learn how to apply for a foreigners' work permit in Beijing. Getting you Work Permit – it takes up to 30 business days for your permit to be processed; Getting your Z visa – 3-7 business days Finally getting your Residence Permit – approximately 10-15 days; China Work Visa Process Summary . For example, if someone quit his job on April 1, 2018, and received the release letter and the work permit cancellation receipt. The total scores of the system are 100, foreigners are divided into three different categories (A, B and C), representing groups with different likelihoods of receiving the work permit from the government. China Work Visa and Work Permits is issued to a foreign citizen who is to take up a post or employment throught HiTouch Consulting. Applicant must pay individual income tax in China. Expats will need to live and work in the same location as their sponsoring company. The employee must be above 18 years of age to be eligible to receive the China work permit. Applying for a new work permit under China’s recently revised system is much more costly and time consuming than renewing one, requiring a notarized university degree, proof of employment, a medical test, and a criminal record check, among other documents. Also note that 18–60 years old is the employable age range in China.

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