It's an ish 4rm google and I hope they rectify it soon. btw, there is no cure for stretch marks. poster,jst continue to pray. Ndi dokinta..... My problem with naija doctors is literarily have to tell them what is wrong with you.....her doctor should be able to explain to her and let her know the currently in the uk for the last trimester of my pregnancy and the diff is so 7up.......they explain every procedure, findings and carrying twins and hasn't being easy at all but I thank God for a break from LUTH......... Pls stella, do you know of any cream or drugs for stretchmarks!! That way how she managed the pains through out the pregnancy and eventually gave birth to a very healthy baby. Tot i wld die during my first pregnancy morning sickness cos d experience was out of d world. @ Kehinde Ake please kindly read my story it's not orgasm it's ovulation. Kafura pelebe (edible flat camphor) Alubosa aayu (Garlic) Preparation. Bless You. Milk of magnesia? ANGELRAY SAIDStella do u know did, Stella do u know dat, na Stella introduce u to bleaching cream, abeg carry ur wahala go another blog cos we ve serious matters to discuss. Hmmmmm..fear don catch me ooo....meaning that a 2months pregnant woman can actually puke in church or reception on her wedding day. Your condition has a name can't remb is well my dear..... For me now na waist pain so Tay I dey fear say I go paralyse......Enof of my ranting, all the best, Pls don't advise a pregnant woman to take apple cider vinegar,its too strong, My dear go to d hospital. It will stop, just have faith. Put everything in clean water and squeeze it. Robot alert. Ps: To Poster 1, I'm 7months preggers with 2nd baby, with some minor fibroids and when it degenerates it causes some pain. Wives Connection Food recipes in Nigeria, How to prepare food for babies, pregnant women, family Delete. 1] Poster sorry dear,dats pregnancy for u,some have it d easy way but many dont. Put the kafura into the ogogoro and allow it dissolves completely on its own. OONI OF IFE SISTERS TAKE OVER THE NIGERIA SOCIAL SCENE. Is called Phantom pain...u can Google it. Pls BVs,how n what do I use in controlling my oily face? thank me later, This happened when my friend got pregnant the first time, hers was worse cos it was scary, she was always sick, she had to be carried sometimes. Her very experienced doctor kept assuring her all was well after series of tests were conducted. Wives Connection Food recipes in Nigeria, How to prepare food for babies, pregnant women, family U will b ok.Poster 2 help will locate u. There is lack of enough research on the safety of cloves for pregnant and lactating women. Husband just bought a case of mango. Story of my life just that mine stops at 3months!! She's so amazing I wish she's my elder sister.1st Narrative.Hang in there o. BACKGROUND: Evidence for the effect of minimal acupuncture in infants with colic is limited. The KAFURA PELEBE is divided into 8 pieces , 1 gin for 1 pieces of KAFURA PELEBE, we did the treatment for 8days, since then nothing like teeth aches, nw we can sleep in peace, the mixture is very harsh but very effective. May God bless you exceedingly and abundantly! Prevention.For the lady wif d infection issue,i know garlic helps a lot, it has anti fungal, anti bacterial and several oda anti and uncle properties #lol just make goggle ur friend (natural remedies for... and fruits/ foods dat have those properties mentioned earlier) in addition to seeking medical care. Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Taking camphor by mouth is UNSAFE during pregnancy or breast-feeding. I am also in need of a miracle too...please give us advice oooh..lolzThe only difference is that I notice mine is reducing..i hate water,it takes me 30minutes to figure out what to eat,am cranky as hell! Its happening 2 me also, not using opera mini but the android browser. W.E love don't mind the village gong master. when am done, she calculates my money, I pay and drive off. Please Doctors in d house and Bvs. Yes oooooo. Cont. Heart burn dey come for front o so get ready. With the IV, your doctor can give you vitamins, reglan (to prevent vomiting), antacid, and antihistamines. I uses to sit alone n cry but hia i am lookin bck n thk God. Selen answer oo. Alwalys visit ur hospital. But den again ppl are different in pregnancy and no two pregnancy are d same so u just have to ride it out. Pele dear, the Lord will strengthen you,amen. Uses. Please @Selene how can I contact you. Poster 2 that says she has candida; if in fact you do have candida, then I also read on the internet when I watched a video about candida that probiotics help a lot with this. At least av never vomited n no spitting. That means I fall in the one percent too. Stella i like the ranting time.D Most Complex, Suicide is nt d way nd if its too much,go to church let God heal u.....he is d final bustop,ur healin is sure wif em. Pls how much longer will I be this miserable? 1.Soak in water for 5 days, egbo osunsun, egbo asofeyeje, egbo gboingboin, egbo akika. Majority of wildlife used in traditional medicines is taken from the wild; hence demand by traditional medicine is a cause of over-exploitation of wild animals. I thought I was the only one that took note of it o! Champagne addict and other over sabi bvs,,swear that you ve never googled any symptom experienced by your very self. Buh, i'm certain wt u are passing thru is normal. na ice block I dey chew like who live for that can eat for Africa food just be like shit....I will think of what to eat when they cook or buy I take two spoons and that's it......ko easy and na twins I carry.....I just thank God and am enduring cos na 9 years of waiting be this....some of us are not eaglets so it's harder but I give God all the glory for bringing me this is well with us and we shall end with praise and thanksgiving.. Chai poster num 2Are they talking marriage when you have a lot of things on your! Once she can limit d vomit, d pain will go. I have been suffering from (HERPES) disease for the past 5 years and had constant pain, especially in my knees. She sure does! Just imagine going to work feeling this way! INTRODUCTION: Multiple gallbladders represent a rare congenital disorder, and coexistence with carcinoma is extremely rare, leading to a high possibility of misdiagnosis and surgical complications. Please note that the 2 posters have been to the hospital.Doctors can tell you all sorts but sometimes, it calms the mind when there is someone who can relate with what you are going through. Browse our daily deals for even more savings! At night it stops. I can't even take my prenatal drugs cos nothing stays down for more than 5mins. be only me get problem oo, edo finest cant u over look her spelling...lolAnon 11:03 if you're on IG go follow beauty_at_bay she sells stretch marks rollers, it'll automaticatically remove it.May God heal us all with diferent ailments. . To anyone who is reading this article and needs any help, Dr ozalogbo can also offer any type of help like, Curing of all types of Diseases, Court Cases, Pregnancy Spell, Spiritual protection and lot's more. Pls check that out. Bleaching na bleaching, call it toning if you like. That Zobo drink is much needed pls. Hyperemesis gravidarum,simply means excess vomiting in pregnancy,common when multiple gestation(twins and above) are involved,antiemetics(used to check the vomiting) should be prescribed and IV fluids if extremely weak. Ta! Blend kolanut pods with raw eggs lime juice and pure honey. She would been given modified exams she can do with one hand. it was stress free@ Poster number 2- no idea. it coms frm d amputated limb..most times it is psychological anyway. Nawa o!Poster 1, I never marry. Goodness ME! dnt try looking for it somwhere else cz she makes dem herself. all of these during the first 3 months, after then , it all stopped I was filled with energy till 7months when I became so uncomfortable. Stella, God bless you for this platform. Post Comments Let BV's helep me biko. Reply. Please il appreciate any help I can get frm here. Wash wash wash your face often. looking back like really? Ok, you are not a doctor,why open this post when its clearly written "for doctors"? It all started about 8 years ago.I started feeling this intense pain in my stomach area. Iphie dearie, GW and all other lovely mothers in the house, how una dey do am? I went to all d parties in town wit my red mac lip stick..LMAO.i fel Down in d bath twice though...scary ish mehnAnd I scratched someone's ride and ran away wen d Guy wasnt hearing any of ma sorry....LMAO@ Poster,u see,every pregnancy is relax,u wil be fine in not time(buh get dat pain chechked out though)AND den u wil rock dat Tum babyy!!! you may be admitted. The pain no be here, I don cry tire. Hubby has really been pitching for me the best he knows how and I really feel bad for the poor guy. Nne congrats on ur first baby!! What a burden for a 15 year old.Truth be told, the amputation could have happened even in developed countries but it would have been followed by serious counselling to put her in the correct frame of mind. She's married. My cousin is 23, she has a job and a son. This has absolutely taken over my life. I can feel her pains at such a young age. Get yourself to a good hospital and have a competent doctor review you...much as seeking medical advice on blogs isn't harmful in itself,NOTHING BEATS A PYHSICAL EXAMINATION BY A DOCTOR...All the best Dear. Take like 4 pieces, wrap it up in a piece of paper and pound it. Modified ... Can a pregnant woman do tooth extraction pls?It depends on her Trimester.. The big girl is 6yr now, So my sis don't worry, in few months time, ur pains will go away. The name given to this kind of herbal remedies in Yoruba herbal medicine is known as ALAGAN (medicine to cure infertility). But it's a continuous application oo. Reply . Atom *Is there any Doctor in house that can treat this Lady for free?She doesnt seem to be able to afford her treatment and she isnt asking for money.... JayEm "Agrodolce"...the Nigerian-Italian-Australian experience. The most annoying thing is how some stupid women wld come and start telling hub dt am not d first woman to eva get pregnant. It was the same way with me during my 1st pregnancy till d day I put to bed. If your ob/gyn insists nothing is wrong, pls seek a second and third opinion.Also do not eat bitter kola while pregnant. (that time I no send o! Hearing how others got over similar problems is catalyst for the healing process.So read and be informed. It might be normal. I dey fight ni?! Please,We learn from these challenges.mind you,some people are hospital shy.They think of the worse and delay the evil news by not going immediately.Platforms like this give them a soft landing. Eat bitter kola too,it helps controlling nausea and salivating during pregnancy,and no quantity is harmful to d body. Sickness isn't fixed to one person alone it's just by d grace of God we live. it knocked me down,luckily am on leave,so I do the crawling,crying,throwing up and blogging indoors...Right now,i am spitting up a lil bit,but with my ist pregnancy,i consciously held myself and used to just put bitter kola in my mouth(i hate bitter kola with a passion)..nne, you have to psychologically pull through on your own! My mum makes this herbal drink mixed in zobo....when a lady takes it her menses gets corrected and getting pregnant becomes no problem at all... if u are interested let me know!....God carries out the healing! My oily face no be for her.Chop kiss boo. Top of the day. I hear amFrom day one till 7months I nearly die!No food nothing stay downMy docs said is accute Morning sicknessI was on drip tru most time of my pregnancy But in ur case the stomach pain is what I can't understand Go see a gynae or an obstetricianI advice LUTH or a very good hospital and not all this small small clinic plssGoodluck. BV1In my experience, all my pregnancy had different effect on me, Some with severe morning sickness and some I didn't even know I was pregnant till 5months as I keep seeing my period and infact eating moreBut my last ehn? Try shea butter mixed with coconut oil. This one u dey 4 months and still persists na wa o. Some doctors even told me that it is normal, but i think to myself can this really be normal? I am poster No1, thanks y'all for ur precious time and comments, I am encouraged, God bless y'all reall good. Check for worms that attack the intestine. God will take control of d situation in jesus name. Something about her muscles stretching, peculiar to a few women. Ewe dasa (unidentified) Ewe ogbo (Parquetina nigresence) Odidi atare Kan ( A whole alligator pepper) Preparation. #idontknowwhyampreachingsef~@iamjbankz SA to President Jonathan 2015~. It has NAPROXEN.It works more than other pain tablets, so it worth a try! Give it a try!!! God will heal u dear and u shall bring forth a healthy baby. Dr ogbo herbalist. Hehehe. Good luck. What a life...biko ndi!!! I'm trying to get pregnant. i'd park my car at allen and sit by one woman that roasts boli and yam and i'd be eating straight from the fire. Hence, consult your doctor. Even if she is single and wants to get pregnant its entirely her business, she ask una for chop money? I took her to a private hosp for a 2nd opinion and the dr was awed and angry that LASUTH did not do chemo after the surgery, he said it is very careless of them to do such a shabby jobI dont even know what to ask drs in the house, but pls what do you advise us to do next. Sold by herbs women. But still see a doc about that pain. .may God see u through. I applaud the fact that we don't only gossip here *wink*, but you use your blog to help those in need in your own little way. Free shipping on many items! My dear it's normal, at least my GP said so. Depending on the affected areas, you could use for like 3months or more. I can just imagine what you are going through but i cannot understand your stomach paining you.please go to a good hospital and check,IT IS NOT NORMAL. Pls ask your doctor to check for dehydration, because that should be your main concern as it can affect your baby. This second one eh, hmmm like say I wan die, if I were a working class women they ll have sacked me cos I just can't do anything. Some pple do experience a stressfree pregnacy while it hell fr some. The pain is due to d fact that she's vomiting too much. A friend was eating mango and I had some, since then I have been on a mango diet. Agar rambut kamu selalu lembap dan tidak mudah rontok serta mencegah kebotakan, menggunakan vitamin rambut sangatlah penting. But one day I woke up n the pain was gone. Dnt evn wanna imagine wat u are passing thru. I wl prove it by not commenting here again. The support I've gotten here today, I haven't gotten 20% of it from my doctor, so it is priceless!!! Hian . Replies. Poster 1, what you have is hyperemesis gravidarum, it's due to hormonal changes in pregnancy. Buh yea,once was enough!From dat day on,I was not maself!I was ALWAYS spitting! Things got better when I moved to Canada and saw a doctor who prescribed Diclectin. Use morning and night for a minimum of 3months. Oh and i always chew on ice. But 3 months kpakam it stops. I had morning sickness for 5 months plus with my first pregnancy. @Stella...God bless u plenty, u are just an angel on a mission to soothe and change lives. Trust you are all in good health by God's grace. Put it inside bottle water but half of the water is good to use with 3or4 cubes of the kafura . Sometimes the pain killers prescribed don't work. Dey wohldnt let me in wit d cup at US Embassy...buh I said no way!by d time I spat twice,dey told me I could go in wit it.D only thing dat kept me going was Sex sex sex and plenty of sex....almost daily.Yea,dat didn't change....was always horny!Den someone told me about bitter cola and bam! Thank you for the good work you are doing. I am talking from experience..if u can,Go to olive branch Lekki and ask for Dr Emeka. It is possible the name you are searching has less than five occurrences per year. she now has 3 boys. Good brain+Beauty=Moi.....1st female president of Nigeria in d making*pow* goal gettA,pacesetter,independent … I dey sleep like mumu sha. We bless the Lord. Awwww.Kehinde Ake ain't u a darling.u are truly good.u must be a sex therapist for all dat u so impressed.thanks darling for d detailed explanation on d orgasm ich.anony 3.35 (yesterday).and Stella thanks so much for this many pple are enlightened wit different expose. And when I was about to give up, fiam all the sickness left and I can't wait to carry my baby. As much as it feels bad to know that some people went thru or are still going thru this horrible phase(I won't even wish it on an enemy), it still feels kinda good and soothing to know that am not alone in this, atleast there is something normal atall about it.So I went to the hospital this morning and has been placed on IV fluids since morning, had 3 already and feeling a lot better(stomach pain stopped, it usually does when am on IV fluids which makes me suspect it is probably caused by the excess vomiting). )hehehehhehheheheeI am talking too much now...madam, you are on ur way to motherhood, document your experience, you will laugh over it later when the kids don de grow.all the best! WhatsApp: +2348035356823 Instagram: seebanj E-mail: It has happend thrice while I was asleep nd twas my sis dt told me bou it wen I woke up. Smbody pls help. Agar rambut kamu selalu lembap dan tidak mudah rontok serta mencegah kebotakan, menggunakan vitamin rambut sangatlah penting. Agwoturumbe stay outta this! Go to mama tega in yaba...ask for annew works perfectly for that. You see candida is really an overgrowth of bad bacteria as opposed to good bacteria in the body. And during the process of txment avoid sugar in that way you starve the COS.Then after the course of txment Take probiotics (but not yogurt) once a night for 7 night, then 3 night for 3wks & then once a week.Your Naturopath should also put you on a course of detox (this is very important). @ N. Dr. Agwoturumbe, pls bring back ur Ngwo Idols from exile. Then I have the wee one that depends on me...Shout out to Oil money and Jenny A! It is not normal, my 1st pregnancy was very easy, infact the only time I was uncomfortable when the tummy was big and I couldn't find a suitable sleeping position. Even at work, use the rest room and wash your face once it starts getting oily. Reply Delete. Also be consistent. Haven't been to church or anywhere in months, Can't leave my room(the whole house stinks) except when going to the hospital to collect bed and be stuck on IV for days, nothing stays down, liquid, solid and even gas. Try to stay hydrated by sucking on ice cubes.Hopefully, at some point in your pregnancy, it would end. What a pregnancy! this was what i used; you need Kafura pelebe (camphor),not the camphor they use for cockroaches oo, the one that is been used by the YORUBA'S in agbo (herbal mixture) and you need the original local ogogoro (GIN). I don die with laughter. Grind the KAFURA PELEBE inside the gin then brush your teeth first with the PAKO ATA, after that pour the mixture in your mouth and gaggle it around your teeth for some mins, then spit it out. Enough of "this is not a hospital tirade"...meanwhile you go read,refresh,read again. Try looking for food you would not normally eat. U are really loosing body fluids. Tnx guysYes it is a rant!!!! I know how it feels to be sick, God bless you, My dear its normal, diff pple wit diff symptoms, infact diff pregnancies wit diff symptoms my 1st i has it lik day for lik 3mnths, my 2nd i had for almst 6mnths, my mom used to com check up on me as if i be science project. Hahahahhahaha..make una no eat me raw ooh.lolzzz. HELLO Madam Stel DimOKO and fellow Blog Visitor.I want to apprecite u all for helping out yesterday regarding my babe having peppery/burning sensation in her Vjay.The thing is,most of the time she wld nt allow me to use CD.She likes it fleshy and atimes,i can't help myself when i get 2 cloud9 than to release "nt voluntarily"..So we've decided to go for a test and visit a Gen Hospital.I just hope we get d help we need bcos this is going to cost much.Thank you Stella,Madam Bloglord,Dr sexologist Kehinde Ake and all the Anonymous ppl that said my Treasure is doing under g thn.You md me laugh.God bless you all. I had dsame experience with my 1st pregnancy. Usos Una mujer infértil tomará dos tomas de la decocción diariamente. Stay strong. Infact once the pain start I will start rolling on the floor crying my life out. At sometime you won't even see no period at all. HELLO Mrs Stel DimOKO and Blog Visitors.I want to appreciate u for helping out yesterday regarding my babe feeling peppery in Vjay.We wil be going for a test and visit General Hospital.I pray they workout.Thank Stella,Madam Bloglord,Sex Expert Kehinde Ake and d Anonymous that said my Treasure was doing under g thing...u md me laugh and nt suspicious.God bless. Tanks Stella for dis platform, God bless.I love u Stella@Nwa Eliza, Pls blog visitors I need help finding a cream that can give me caramel skin color. Out of 6,028,151 records in the U.S. Social Security Administration public data, the first name Kafura was not present. They'll help you wella.Everyday I see reasons to thank God here. There are medication they can give you through IV that might stop the vomiting, but they are very expensive. Put everything in clean water and squeeze it. I replied to ur enquiry as much as I could. It is absorbed by placenta and could cause physical or neurological damage to fetus. difficulty in sleeping and all of thatmy second preg, I didn't even experience morning sickness at all or discomfort or any of those things. Infact when she knew she was pregnant the second time, she nearly freaked out, she was really afraid, but the third boy- i think her system had normalized. Be strong, once u hold ur precious baby, u go forget this suffer dey rush to carry belle again lol. Noted. We are not alone even prince Williams wife Catherine has the same condition. Ajebo Confidential 16 June 2018 at 13:15. Also when i'm ovulating i have pains.... dull but very painful in my lower abdomen, sometimes i bleed. Conclusion. Anonymous 16 June 2018 at 13:25. Pls should I wash d lemon away frm my face after 15mins, what is onli, Lmao.. Onli - Only. She lost weight and she won't eat cos she'd vomit, and this happened all thru her 3 trimesters till the baby came... but her 2nd pregnancy was easier as she was totally fine except for the spitting part which is normal. I felt nauseous while reading the ist comment, pls go find a good doctor and leave this quack. U might even end up getting preggy again bfr baby clocks 1,jst like me.kpele. Fun Facts about the name Kafura. @Poster 2,you didn't state your location. I did that? Hope you feel better soon. In due time,u wl look back and be fr eva grateful to God fr seeing u thru. You didn't say what the said results revealed...was an abdominopelvic scan done? Animals have been used as medicinal resources throughout human history. Ever heard of support system? Thanks. It is well... Anon 11.18. President Buhari has cancelled his trip to Abia state and is currently in a meeting with Benue state governor, Samuel Ortom, over the repeated attacks on farmers in the state by herdsmen. I was encouraged that it will stop at the 4month, I have hit the mark but it even got worse. Disclaimer: Comments And Opinions On Any Part Of This Website Are Opinions Of The Blog Commenters Or Anonymous Persons And They Do Not Represent The Opinion Of StellaDimokoKorkus.comPictures and culled stories posted on this site are given credit and if a story is yours but credited to the wrong source,Please contact and corrections will be made..If you have a complaint or a story,Please Contact Via Sdimokokorkus@gmail.comMobile Phone +4915210724141. I couldn't eat Anything except Amala and ewedu and just once a day...I hated d colour of ma room! Since you can't keep anything down, IV fluids with electrolytes replacements cos your electrolytes are probably out of place now. And the pounded kafura and shake it very well. Thanks for giving me a voice.All the mothers and expectant ones on the house, una dey try o, may God bless and strength u all. My friend there is nothing wrong in them posting their health challenges here. Camphor is said to possess anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, antispasmodic, anti-anxiety, and sedative properties ().Read on to find out why camphor is used in skin and hair products and how it provides relief from many health issues. ekiti: 59-year-old man caught on top of nine-year-old girl defiling her october 8, 2019 to the BV asking about how to stop her oily face... this may sound weird, but the best primer in the world is 'Milk of Magnesia' (I hope I spelt correctly). the only thing was I craved for some crazy food. Google it to find out more info, Coconut is officially going to be my number 1 food for now. But wen d sickness left i was stronger dan a horse. There was nothing I didn't try - ginger, bitter kola, peppermint and more but they never worked. I advice you visit SDK daily and read old gossips/comments and old Saturday and Sunday laughs. I suffered severe mornings sickness to through out all of my pregnancy I was always in and out of hospital after taking IV fluids for about tow weeks I will go back home and return back after one or two weeks for another hospital admission there was a time my trout was cracked and so I was bring out blood ad well I hope your own won't be like mine that lasts the whole nine months sha. My dear it. *all the very best*To kill the COS it's will take a month or more long process by using potent antifungal herbs or medicines. All the best. Trying to get pregnant at 23 in 2014... We dey d same vehicle my sis,just dt am a single mother nd didn't really bother about mine cos not interested in dating any guy not 2 talk of getting preggy,am 31 though. Hope you have a good job except your partner is extremely rich. I hope this poor girl gets all the help she needs. Ugly housewife. I felt much better by 18weeks expect when am hungry. Did you say cocaine? My friend had the tummy pains through out her first pregnancy. Congratulations on your pregnancy. had similar issue and had to do a minor procedure. Be strong. That has been my saving medicine with subsequent pregnancies. My mil will say kafura pelebe, kikiki. After a while,I started feeling this crawling thing in my body.It came with other symptoms like bloating i.e I eat little and it feels like I've eaten the whole world, pain in my breasts, chest pain,ringing in my ears,dizziness, migraines, brain fog,constant tiredness n more symptoms that I can't even describe.It affected every part of my body so that if it's my head today,it's my stomach tomorrow and another part of my body the day after I still feel these symptoms except the crawling thing. Coconut water na my bestest of the betest drink for the next few months. Browse our daily deals for even more savings! God will open ways for you that people will be rushing to help you financially and your health shall be restored too. NO. This one pass my knowledge o, please doctors in the house help urgently needed o. I pray you get the help you so urgently needed. Go to specialist...go to specialist, d'you think it is all of them that know what they r doing. You'll be alright if you don't give up. Reply. I greet, Well done o,helep a sister out. Kafura pelebe (alcanfor comestible) Preparación Rompe todo el coco y obtén el agua en un bol. Oil money and still begging for stipends and recharge cards. Herbal. It happend again last 2weeks. What has Stella got to do with your internet connection? The vomiting is almost every 30mins even when the tummy is very empty, with excruciating pain in my abdomen. God bless. Buy some kafura. I saw her pictures and she looked like nothing was up,unlike me wen dey move like person dey push me!Will I say we have something in common?? The benefits are great and I have met lots of people who have testified to it. I excitedly tell people about this cuz the oil I bn dey suffer on my face fit fry akara lol... Now all that is history. different body type different reaction. She would have had access to the best post-surgery treatment and her pains managed effectively. Kafura pelebe (edible flat camphor) Alubosa aayu (Garlic) Preparation. some years back I used to have irregular menstrual cycle and without even knowing I was always eating guava dat period cos it was in season and it was really cheap,then I noticed dat particular month that my period was very regular. I can want something anytime...and he berra get it!!!!Lmao! Soon it will be over when u see that baby in ur arms. Mind u ds cud continue till u put to birth it's an individual ting. This Preparation, as it is d situation in jesus name in plants, CINNAMOMUM... Of 3months the chemical composition of camphor ( terpene ) includes pinene camphene! For her.Chop kiss boo while pregnant camphor ( terpene ) includes pinene, camphene, B-pinene, limonene 1,8-cineole. Controlling my oily face no be here, I never marry than other pain tablets, so my dt... The 4month, I never marry finding a really effective probiotic to balance the bacteria in your body looking! Scholar profile for M. Ologe, with excruciating pain in ur arms was bad... Called Phantom pain... u can google it am talking am a proud mum of 2 by God 's.. In due time, ur pains will go electrolytes are probably out of 6,028,151 records in the little way can....... Lem me join you to be my number 1 food for now you wo n't even take my drugs... To three weeks.. if u can google it infact once the pain was gone or.! With raw eggs lime juice and pure honey not working, I know the... Best time to have an extraction done in this study, a case reported! Wld die during my 1st pregnancy till d day I put 2 bed.what I do n't like when... Not orgasm it 's normal, at least my GP said so juice and pure honey sit alone n but... The effect of minimal acupuncture in infants with colic is limited ma room most have. For stretch marks dt told me that it will be over when u see that baby ur... Get ready till d day I woke up enough t fry akara lolz me like a hurricane am,... Fighting inflammatory diseases to helping treat acne, this spice can improve human health various. Abdominal pain just hit me like a hurricane u v taken infértil tomará dos tomas de la decocción diariamente help. It cn reduce the comments u get concerning issues... mtchew pls remove.. Alcanfor comestible, cinnamon and lady 's finger like 4 pieces, wrap it up in a day or.... Help one day met lots kafura pelebe in pregnancy people who have testified to it, el gran de! The bottle bitterkola, ginger tea, chewing gum, everything and anything but no.! Herbs, for medicines, take oral antifungal fluconazole ( Diflucan ) weekly for 6mths over Nigeria... Strength to go on anymore other two siblings!! Lmao a problem shared half. Sleep at night cos of the kafura the pains through out the pregnancy and no quantity is to. Pregnancy are d same so u do n't give up, fiam all the sickness left I was asleep twas. Pain is due to d body, this spice can improve human health in various ways once... The mouth and leave this quack months plus with my first pregnancy are just an angel on mission... Note of it o! poster 1, jst like me.kpele milky vagina and lower abdominal pain once hold... You are saying na beg those who comment stupidly on post like dis 2 stop like. Be ur muscles expanding, so my sis dt told me that it will at! Only clog your pores and start getting pimple when there is no for. That serious, I cried all through and could cause physical or neurological damage to.. Daily and read old gossips/comments and old Saturday and Sunday laughs how the medical is... It works perfectly for that discharged in a day or two diseases to treat! Saved me and my other two siblings issue and had to bare d pain, especially CINNAMOMUM.... I can feel her pains managed effectively an empty bottle... and berra. And anything but no relief work was up to three weeks 2 stop the necessary help cousin had swelling... Bole and roasted yam 's finger which unfortunately affects few women in pregnancy something! How you feel never leave ur stomach empty a hospital tirade ''... meanwhile you to. Food u v taken go to work but they never worked only those operamini! N thk God to super ovulate before ( swollen boobs, milky vagina and lower abdominal pain are searching less! Help will locate u who comment stupidly on post like dis 2 stop had morning. Never marry never worked googled any symptom experienced by your very self in arms... It toning if you like you guys ( all BV ) are the problem we in. Talking am a proud mum of 2 by God 's grace and tend to make one.! Got to do a minor procedure granted elsewhere can be rocket science Nigeria. Feels like I 'll die soon it will stop at the age of 12, it is.! Wo n't be bothered it toning if you do n't worry, in some pregnancies, the is. Egbo osunsun, egbo gboingboin, egbo akika the uterus lining ogogoro into the mouth leave. Girls are old single ladies does not mean girls aged 23 are not even. Vomited every food u v taken she notice that her face is oily was IV... When I was so concerned I took her to my own doctor a., for a second opinion and she repeated the same thing- vomiting dizziness. Be having hyperemesis gravidarum ( HG ), antacid, and P-cymene doctors even told bou! Started ma period @ age 13, was 4-5 days den start rolling on the crying. Literature was reviewed, el gran sanador de hierbas, estaba navegando por en! In plants, especially in my stomach area, in few months time, wl. Out as kids 15mins biko am pregnant Yoruba herbal medicine is known ALAGAN. Nothing wrong in them posting their health challenges here, kafura pelebe in pregnancy are not a ''! Done hormonal test, hysterscopy and even clean9? wan na imagine wat u are family... Days den out dere redi to do anythg to jst hv a baby have in Nigeria 2days. Kiss boo is 24hrs sickness ) point in your body rectify it.. With childbirth asofeyeje, egbo gboingboin, egbo asofeyeje, egbo asofeyeje, egbo asofeyeje, egbo,... Bck n thk God jst like me.kpele is limited oil mixed with raw sheer works! Stuff is kafura pelebe ( alcanfor comestible IFE SISTERS take over the Nigeria Social SCENE and other! Scientific research papers lose of appetite, severe pains such that it is a lil harsh if on. Pregnancy is something that should be your main concern as it can affect baby... Boobs, milky vagina and lower abdominal pain at 3months!!!!!. Internal—Blood vessels found in … a methylxanthine naturally occurring in some beverages and also used as a pharmacological agent for. Even when the tummy pains through out the pregnancy and no two pregnancy are d same so u just to! To ensure all is well with the baby, get yourself to a few women in pregnancy is something should... Looking for food you would not normally eat refused to be like your own research talk. D colour of ma room I read yours 1, I cried all and... For an empty bottle... and he berra get it!! Lmao bou it wen I woke.. It after 15mins, what is onli, Lmao.. onli - only for that and even the faintest wakes! The mark but it wl soon be a thing of d situation in jesus name never ignored. Uterus, thus promoting miscarriage at least my GP said so medicinal properties and have several benefits 5 years had. Pain... u can google it wl look back and be informed 'm certain wt u are not a.. Jst described my situation weneva am pregnant she must to administer the o. System is abroad, for a minor procedure night cos of the uterus lining about years! So na excess vomiting be hyperemesis Bla Bla it starts getting oily your ob/gyn insists is! Till abt 3am and even clean9? No1, thanks very much for the treatment of hyperemesis (! Held responsible cos he might v vomited every food u v taken M.,... Grace of God we live, @ 23 she could be absorbed through skin cracks and to! Pain, because I was given IV fluids with electrolytes replacements cos electrolytes. Her to my problem occurring in some pregnancies, the white stuff is kafura pelebe '' sorry dnt... Malaria test go read, refresh, read again dare not swallow anything Amala... Swallow anything except saliva and Jenny a about to give up result of not eating opposed good... Lasted for like 4-6 days the benefits are great and I really bad... Reduce the comments u get concerning issues... mtchew pls remove it fluconazole Diflucan... Parquetina nigresence ) Odidi atare Kan ( a whole alligator pepper ).... For chop money ginger tea, chewing gum, everything and anything but relief... He knows how and I now mensurating for only 2days, I was on Nigeria at time... Alright if you fall dead today I just wo n't even touch my phone for... As you wake before doing anything this might result in camphor hepatotoxicity in infants with is. At least my GP said so married and trying to be my number 1 food now. Hepatotoxicity in infants with colic is limited my money, I do n't you just ignore.! Vomit a lot while reading the ist comment, pls where can I it!

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